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Assistance with Employment

Helping you find and maintain employment

The Scheme will fund supports to assist participants with employment where these are beyond the requirements of employment services and employers. The Scheme will also fund supports the participant would require regardless of the activity they are undertaking.


Assistance with access and maintaining employment

Many participants will be engaged in employment or may be seeking employment. The Scheme, employers and employment assistance services will all play an important role in supporting participant’s employment:

  • Assisting participants who are not eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES) or Job Services Australia (JSA) to build their skills and capacity to participate in employment, as well as assistance to find and maintain employment
  • Personal care or assistance with transport where the participant requires these supports regardless of the activity they are undertaking
  • Assistive technology devices such as wheelchairs, personal communication devices or a hearing aid
  • Supported employment, such as services offered by Australian Disability Enterprises

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